New Meta-analysis Claims Causal Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer

The peer-reviewed medical journal Cancer Causes & Control recently published the results of a meta-analysis conducted by a team of Chinese experts. The meta-analysis explored the possibility of a causal link between induced abortion and breast cancer in Chinese women and utilized the data of thirty-six past studies.

The meta-analysis concludes by saying, “[T]he risk of breast cancer increases as the number of [induced abortions] increases.” The study claims that the increase in the risk of breast cancer following one induced abortion is 44%.

Dr. Joel Brind, a professor of biology at New York’s Baruch College, has spoken to various news outlets about the results of the new meta-analysis. Brind has spent much of his professional career researching this subject.

In 1996, Brind and colleagues from Penn State Medical Center published their own study of this subject in the British Medical Association’s journal of epidemiology. Brind’s study claimed a 30% increase of the risk of breast cancer following an abortion.

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