The Pro-Choice Movement is Anti-Intellectual – Part 2

No uterus, no opinionI ended my previous post by saying that the pro-choice position promotes anti-intellectualism and implying that the pro-life position does not. I will now be explaining why.

The pro-choice leadership has long recognized that the fetus is alive, reconciling this knowledge with their support of abortion using Singer-esque ethics. However, the knowledge that the fetus is a human life is too much for the average person to know and still support abortion. That is why Planned Parenthood has taken great pains to have the idea that the fetus is a non-living clump of cells firmly entrenched in the mind of the public. To this day, one of the most common objections to pro-life arguments is that the fetus is not alive.

This alone does not make the movement anti-intellectual. There is a difference between being misinformed and being illogical or irrational, which is true anti-intellectualism. However, because the pro-choice community sees portraying the fetus as a non-living being as their hill to die on, their misinformation leads them into anti-intellectualism. They feel forced to defend bad science in order to maintain their pro-choice stance. This very often leads to horrendously illogical arguments and cognitive dissonance.

The brain doesn't develop 'til it's out of the womb
Take, for example, the young lady who told me that the fetus is not alive until it is eight weeks old because that is when it “develops a gender.” We can perhaps pardon this woman for not knowing that gender is determined by the X and Y chromosomes at conception and not by the presence of genitalia. After all, science is not the strong suit of most people. But the lack of basic reasoning skills she displayed is inexcusable for someone who takes a stand on an issue as important as abortion. Are asexual organisms such as earthworms and jellyfish not alive? Is a neutered horse not alive? Even without knowledge of the function of the X and Y chromosomes, she should have been able to ask herself such questions and realize that gender (and much less the presence of genitalia) is not a prerequisite for life.

The slogans of the movement are often just as irrational as their science. In part one of this post I talked about the “no uterus, no opinion” mentality and how it shows that the pro-choice community places a greater value upon emotions than facts. When we follow it out to its logical conclusion, it also undermines their philosophical framework of radical feminism. If reproductive decisions are entirely the domain of women, with men not allowed even so much as a voice, then it follows that all the responsibilities of reproduction belong solely to women. Reproduction becomes a “woman’s job” and the blurring of gender roles that feminism tries to achieve is undone.

While there may be the occasional misinformed or unintelligent pro-life person, the pro-choice movement’s “logic” collapses in on itself in a way that the pro-life movement’s does not, with their own slogans and arguments being detrimental to their cause. This is due mainly to the fact that the pro-life movement is not owned by a massive corporation that force-feeds it information and misinformation. With the possible exception of the Catholic church, whose contributions are mostly theological rather than scientific or philosophical, there is no group or company that holds the pro-life movement in its grip the way that Planned Parenthood does the pro-choice community. Pro-life people are left to do their own research and, more importantly, have not been programmed by propaganda to use a false scientific basis for their arguments.

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4 thoughts on “The Pro-Choice Movement is Anti-Intellectual – Part 2

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  2. rocklobsterjwt February 18, 2013 at 11:56 pm Reply

    so a person isn’t a person until he/she has a gender? What about those rare cases where you only get one chromosome then? Oh, right, people like that are defective like Down Syndrome, so they’d get aborted anyway.

  3. quinersdiner February 28, 2013 at 9:51 pm Reply

    Very cogent essay.

    • Jordan February 28, 2013 at 10:01 pm Reply

      Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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