Planned Parenthood’s “Superhero for Choice” Cartoon

This crude and disgusting video looks like pro-life propaganda created to give Planned Parenthood a black eye. In reality, it is a Planned Parenthood-produced short film that was released in 2005 and shown in Californian public schools.

The cartoon depicts a sleazy man in a back alley pushing abstinence to a group of teens. Luckily, superhero of choice Dianysus (namedarrives the scene just in time to drown him. “Now you kids know where to go for all your healthcare needs and reproductive advice, don’t you?” she asks, the obvious answer being Planned Parenthood Golden Gate. Dianysus tosses the teens a “Safe Sex Kit” before blasting off to right other sexual freedom wrongs.

This scene raises the issue of sex education, something Planned Parenthood has been heavily involved in. The pro-choice organization’s involvement in sexual education has been highly controversial as many parents believe that the responsibility of “the talk” should fall to them.1 The controversy was multiplied exponentially by Planned Parenthood’s content. According to George Grant’s exposé of Planned Parenthood, Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, “they openly endorse aberrant behavior – homosexuality, masturbation, fornication, incest, and even bestiality – and then they describe that behavior in excruciating detail.”2 Below is a video created by the American Life League on this topic:

The next scene takes us to a Planned Parenthood building where pro-life zombies are protesting outside. Dianysus has her trusty condom gun, though, and covers the protesters with exploding latex, killing them. This film reveals something of the Planned Parenthood mindset. As the Conscientious Contemplation blog points out, pro-choicers employ a blatant double standard.

While pro-life activists are often accused of violence and bigotry, pro-abortion activists are applauded for similar actions when done in the name of choice (see, at your own risk, Imagine, for just a moment, what would happen if a conservative group, like National Right to Life, or the Family Research Council, were to release a cartoon depicting pro-choice advocates being drowned, blown up, or decapitated.3

Dianysus then heads over to our nation’s capitol to deal with a senator who dares stand in the way of Planned Parenthood’s agenda. Dianysus follows the logical course of action and dumps him into a boiling pot. She then pulls him out, sans clothing, a changed man who has seen the light, a.k.a. is free from “the stench of misinformed conservatism.”

Our heroine’s final destination is Africa, to which Planned Parenthood exports abortion. We are shown what a wonderful favor Planned Parenthood is doing the world by providing their services to third-world nations. Planned Parenthood’s alleged interest in racial cleansing suddenly doesn’t sound so far-fetched…

As a closing note, Dionysus is the ancient Greek god of wine and fertility whose emblem was an erect phallus.4 For more information on Dionysus please read “The Ivied Rod: Gender and the Phallus in Dionysian Religion.”

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